Operation Preparations for Precision CNC Machining Center How to Determine CNC Machining Route


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Operation Preparations for Precision CNC Machining Center How to Determine CNC Machining Route

Operating technicians need to make preparations when using precision CNC machining centers. Of course, every operating technicians has their own set of using skills. Here, the author would like to say that both novice and experienced personnel should be ready to use, what is the specific content?

The tool used for inspection shall conform to the allowable specifications of the machine tool. Determine the maximum tool length and the maximum tool weight of the precision CNC machining center, and the total tool weight does not exceed the specified value.

Check whether the tool used has any effect on wear and tear. Sometimes it should be replaced immediately. Check for obstructions around machinery and control systems.

Some moving parts are lubricated with grease. Before working, attention should be paid to check whether the machine tool has reached the time specified on the lubrication indication sign, and it should be supplemented in time.

Safety awareness must be there, check the control system is closed. Are the control switches in good condition? Is there anyone in the mechanical hazard zone?

How do operators determine CNC processing routes when using precision CNC machining centers? I would like to share with you:

First of all, we need to understand what the CNC processing route means? To be exact, the feed processing route refers to the path through which the turning tool starts to move from the point of alignment (or the fixed origin of the machine tool) until it returns to the point and ends the processing procedure, including the path of cutting and the non-cutting free travel path such as cutting tool entry and cutting out. To determine the CNC processing route, the following principles must be followed:

1. Make the processing route shortest, reduce the empty travel time and improve the processing efficiency.

2. Guarantee the accuracy and surface roughness of the workpiece to be processed.

3. For some reusable programs, subroutines should be used to simplify the workload of numerical calculation and the processing procedures as much as possible. In a word, if we want to ensure the precision of finishing, we must do a good job of preparation, and ensure the correct processing route of precision CNC machining center.

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