What are the prospects of CNC processing? What are the errors in the development of CNC lathe


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What are the prospects of CNC processing? What are the errors in the development of CNC lathe

As we all know, since the emergence of CNC processing technology in the mid-20th century, it has brought revolutionary changes to our machinery manufacturing industry. Why do you say so?

CNC has good flexibility, high precision and high productivity. it can reduce the labor intensity of operators and improve the working conditions, which is conducive to the modernization of production management and the improvement of economic benefits. So how about the future development prospects of CNC processing industry?

With the rapid development of automotive, aerospace and other industries, and the application of new materials such as aluminum alloy, the requirement of high-speed CNC processing is getting higher and higher.

With the rapid development of computer technology and modern design technology, the application scope of CNC processing is still expanding, and the continuous development of CNC processing can meet the needs of production and processing.

What are the misunderstandings about the internationalization of CNC processing in machinery manufacturing enterprises nowadays?

1. CNC processing enterprises should not neglect the domestic market in order to prosper the international market. China's machine tool enterprises have not really won the local market, which is the biggest obstacle to international operation.

2. Overall internationalization of operations. CNC processing enterprises in the initial stage, only based on core resources, carry out international business, continue to expand and extend the industrial chain, improve the comprehensive competitiveness, from a single product service provider to a comprehensive product service provider, do not blindly pursue full internationalization.

3. Only by doing a good job of marketing can we enter the internationalization. This view is incorrect. CNC processing enterprises need to consider product marketing and service export, absorb foreign advanced technology, management experience in order to better develop their own enterprises.

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