Scheme of reducing surface damage of aluminium profile by precise CNC machining


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Scheme of reducing surface damage of aluminium profile by precise CNC machining

Precision material surface damage is a problem that many precision CNC processing enterprises will encounter. How can we prevent or reduce the surface damage of aluminium profile? Because the surface damage of aluminium profiles will greatly reduce the product rate of aluminium profiles and increase the production cost of many enterprises, we find that this problem has become a hot topic in most enterprises.

In order to solve the problem of surface damage of aluminium profiles, we must find out the causes and find solutions from the causes. What causes the surface damage of aluminium profile in precision CNC processing? Next, let's talk about the reasons for human factors and precision CNC processing equipment.

Human factors mainly refer to the damage caused by some unfamiliar operators dragging profiles on the swing bed. There is also the improper placement of aluminium profiles in the transportation process, which causes the profiles to be damaged by friction or extrusion.

If it is said that the damage caused by processing equipment, it does not exclude the die cavity or work with dust and debris, making the hardness of the work belt low, resulting in scratches in the extrusion process of aluminum profiles.

If there are aluminium scraps in precise CNC processing track or swing bed, it may also cause surface scratches of aluminium profiles and affect the yield.

In a word, there are many factors affecting the scratch on the surface of aluminium profiles, so how should we deal with it?

For the damage caused by human factors, we should strengthen the management of personnel. Aluminum profiles need to be handled lightly to avoid arbitrary dragging. For the problems arising in the processing process, the author suggests that we regularly check the precise CNC processing track and swing the bed to remove the impurities and aluminium scraps on it. Leave space in the middle and lay more felt. Prevent collision and friction.

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