Main Technical Characteristics of Milling Machine Processing


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Main Technical Characteristics of Milling Machine Processing

The development of milling machine has attracted much attention because of its concept of injection acceleration. Driving elements such as motorized spindle, linear motor and linear guideway, which support high-speed operation, have been widely used, and the running speed of machine tool has been pushed to a new height. The innovative design of the replaceable horizontal boring and milling machine center solves the disadvantage of the movable telescopic structure of the electric spindle and the boring bar. It has the function of compound processing and one machine, and is also a major technological innovation of the horizontal boring and milling machine.

The development of floor-type milling and boring machine leads the trend of modern processing with its new design concept. The structure style of non-boring axle sliding pillow type and multi-milling head exchange based on high-speed processing tends to replace traditional milling processing. Various kinds of milling head accessories represented by two-coordinate pendulum angle milling head have become the main means to realize high-speed and compound processing. They have wide technological performance, high power and strong rigidity, which is a major breakthrough in the development of floor milling and boring machine.

Milling machine is mainly suitable for the processing of various mechanical parts, mechanical transmission box and various curved surface parts. Due to the improvement of technical level of various equipment, the requirement of mechanical structure is simplified more and more, and the required transmission parts are fewer and fewer. As a transmission box, the mechanical transmission is driven directly, and the accuracy of transmission parts is demanded high, which puts forward high requirements for the technological performance of horizontal boring and milling machine. Therefore, as a traditional boring shaft structure, the processing object is decreasing. It will be replaced by non-boring shaft spindle, that is, high-speed machining center to complete the processing of various parts. Horizontal boring and milling machine is developing to high-speed machining center. On the one hand, it has strong adaptability to technology, on the other hand, it also improves the performance level and processing accuracy. While improving the range of processing technology, it needs various functional accessories as process guarantee. It can not only boring and milling, but also drilling and tapping, installing NC swing angle milling head accessories, but also processing various curved surface parts. It is equipped with switching workbench to form flexible processing unit, which can process parts in batches.

Ground milling and boring machine mainly processes large and super-large parts of various profiles. Its technological characteristics are that it is equipped with large floor-type platform (worktable size is not limited), and can process super-long and super-wide parts. At the same time, it can also be equipped with rotary table, which can be used for rotary indexing and radial linear motion. Through indexing, multi-sequence processing of parts can be completed, greatly improving the process range.

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