Processing Range and Processing of NC Milling Machine


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Processing Range and Processing of NC Milling Machine

According to the characteristics of NC milling, there are three types of division of NC milling process.

1. Divide the working procedure according to clamping position. This method is generally applicable to workpieces with few processing contents. It mainly divides the processing parts into several parts and processes one part of each process. For example, when NC milling is used to process the shape, when the inner cavity is clamped to process the inner cavity, the outer shape is clamped.

2. To divide the working procedure by rough and fine processing. For NC milling parts which are prone to machining deformation, considering the processing accuracy, deformation and other factors of the workpiece, the process can be divided according to the principle of separation of rough and finish processing, that is, first rough and then fine.

3. In order to reduce the number of tool changes, the principle of tool concentration can be adopted to divide the process.

In the process division, according to the structural requirements of the workpiece, the installation mode of the workpiece, the workpiece processing technology, the performance of NC milling and the production organization and management of the factory, we should grasp flexibly and strive for rationality.

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NC milling can accurately estimate control information in advance, and it is easy to standardize processing information. At present, NC milling has been combined with computer aided manufacturing, which is the basis of modern integrated manufacturing technology.

Processing Scope of Small NC Milling

(1) Plane processing. The milling plane of NC machine tools can be divided into the horizontal plane (xY) processing of workpiece, the positive plane (xZ) processing of workpiece and the lateral plane (yZ) processing of workpiece. This kind of plane milling can be accomplished by using NC milling with two platinum and half control.

(2) Surface processing. If the complex surface is milling, the NC milling with three or more axes is needed.

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