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Precision Problems in NC Machine Tool Machining

Numerical control machineAccuracy in Machining

01. Effect of Position Error on Machining Accuracy

Position error refers to the variation or deviation degree of the actual surface, axis or symmetrical plane of the machined part relative to its ideal position, such as verticality, position, symmetry, etc.Numerical control machinePosition error in machining usually refers to dead zone error. The main reasons for position error are the machining error caused by clearance and elastic deformation during transmission of machine parts, and the position error caused by friction of tool head in machining. In open-loop system, the position accuracy is greatly affected, while in closed-loop servo system, it mainly depends on displacement detection.

02. Machining Accuracy Errors Caused by Geometric Errors

Numerical control machineIn the process of machining, the geometric accuracy of machine tool is affected by the external factors such as the external force and heat generated in the process of cutting tool and fixture, and the geometric distortion of the parts processed on the machine tool results in geometric error. According to research,Numerical control machineThere are two main reasons for geometric errors: internal factors and external factors. The internal factors of machine tool geometric errors refer to the geometric errors caused by the factors of machine tool itself, such as the level of machine tool table, the level and straightness of machine tool guide, the geometric accuracy of machine tool and fixture, etc. External factors mainly refer to geometric errors caused by factors such as external environment and thermal deformation in the process of machining. For example, in the process of cutting tool or parts, geometric errors are produced due to thermal expansion and deformation, which affects the processing accuracy of machine tools and parts.

03. Machining Accuracy Error Caused by Machine Tool Positioning

Through long-term data analysis and practical operation of parts and components processing, it can be seen that machine tool positioning is correct.Numerical control machineMachining accuracy has great influence.Numerical control machineMachining errors are mostly caused by positioning accuracy in terms of structure, and the feed system of machine tools is the main link affecting positioning accuracy.Numerical control machineThe feed system is usually composed of mechanical transmission system and electrical control system. The positioning accuracy is related to the mechanical transmission system in the structural design. In a closed-loop system,Numerical control machineThe position deviation of the main parts in the feed system, such as the ball screw, can be prevented by the positioning detection device. For the open-loop system, because there are many factors affecting it and the situation is complex, it is impossible to locate and monitor it.Numerical control machineMachining accuracy has a great influence.

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